XlFormatConditionOperator XlFormatConditionOperator XlFormatConditionOperator Enum


Specifies the operator to use to compare a formula against the value in a cell or, for xlBetween and xlNotBetween, to compare two formulas.

public enum class XlFormatConditionOperator
public enum XlFormatConditionOperator
Public Enum XlFormatConditionOperator


xlBetween xlBetween xlBetween 1

Between. Can only be used if two formulas are provided.

xlEqual xlEqual xlEqual 3


xlGreater xlGreater xlGreater 5

Greater than.

xlGreaterEqual xlGreaterEqual xlGreaterEqual 7

Greater than or equal to.

xlLess xlLess xlLess 6

Less than.

xlLessEqual xlLessEqual xlLessEqual 8

Less than or equal to.

xlNotBetween xlNotBetween xlNotBetween 2

Not between. Can only be used if two formulas are provided.

xlNotEqual xlNotEqual xlNotEqual 4

Not equal.

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