XlFormatConditionType Enum


Specifies whether the conditional format is based on a cell value or an expression.

public enum class XlFormatConditionType
public enum XlFormatConditionType
Public Enum XlFormatConditionType


xlAboveAverageCondition 12

Above average condition

xlBlanksCondition 10

Blanks condition

xlCellValue 1

The conditional format is based on a cell value.

xlColorScale 3

Color scale

xlDatabar 4


xlErrorsCondition 16

Errors condition

xlExpression 2

The conditional format is based on an expression.

xlIconSets 6

Icon sets

xlNoBlanksCondition 13

No blanks condition

xlNoErrorsCondition 17

No errors condition

xlTextString 9

Text string

xlTimePeriod 11

Time period

xlTop10 5

Top 10 values

xlUniqueValues 8

Unique values

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