XlPivotTableVersionList Enum


Specifies the version of a PivotTable or a PivotCache. Creating PivotTables with a specific version ensures that tables created in behave in the same manner as they did in the corresponding version of Excel.

public enum class XlPivotTableVersionList
public enum XlPivotTableVersionList
Public Enum XlPivotTableVersionList


xlPivotTableVersion10 1

Excel 2002

xlPivotTableVersion11 2

Excel 2003

xlPivotTableVersion12 3

Excel 2007

xlPivotTableVersion14 4

Excel 2010

xlPivotTableVersion15 5

Excel 2013

xlPivotTableVersion2000 0

Excel 2000

xlPivotTableVersionCurrent -1

Provided only for backward compatibility


Note: xlPivotTableVersionCurrent is included only for backward compatibility reasons. It cannot be used with new PivotCache and PivotTable objects. There are no differences in behavior between xlPivotTableVersion11 and xlPivotTableVersion10.

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