_AutoFormatRules.Insert(String, Object) _AutoFormatRules.Insert(String, Object) _AutoFormatRules.Insert(String, Object) Method


Creates a new AutoFormatRule object and inserts it at the specified index within the AutoFormatRules collection.

 Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::AutoFormatRule ^ Insert(System::String ^ Name, System::Object ^ Index);
public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.AutoFormatRule Insert (string Name, object Index);
Public Function Insert (Name As String, Index As Object) As AutoFormatRule


String String String

The name of the new object.

Object Object Object

Either the index number at which to insert the new object, or a value used to match the Name property value of an object in the collection at where the new object is to be inserted.


An AutoFormatRule object that represents the new formatting rule.


This method cannot be used to insert custom formatting rules between or ahead of built-in formatting rules.

Duplicate names for AutoFormatRule objects are allowed in the AutoFormatRules collection. A maximum of 25 custom formatting rules can be added to the collection. Built-in formatting rules are not counted against that limit.

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