_MailItem.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested _MailItem.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested _MailItem.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested Property


Returns or sets a Boolean (bool in C#) value that determines whether the originator of the meeting item or mail message will receive a delivery report. Read/write.

 property bool OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested { get; set; }
Public Property OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested As Boolean

Property Value


Each transport provider that handles your message sends you a single delivery notification containing the names and addresses of each recipient to whom it was delivered. Delivery does not imply that the message has been read. True if the originator requested a delivery receipt on the message.

The OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested property corresponds to the MAPI property PidTagOriginatorDeliveryReportRequested.

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