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Represents a Microsoft Outlook conversation header in a Conversation view.

public interface class ConversationHeader : Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::_ConversationHeader
public interface ConversationHeader : Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._ConversationHeader
Public Interface ConversationHeader
Implements _ConversationHeader


In Outlook, a conversation groups messages that share the same subject and belong to the same thread. A conversation can also include branches, such as when a message gets two or more responses and discussions grow independently from each response. The Conversation view relates all items in the same conversation across folders and stores. A conversation header can be an item or a group header in one of the following forms:


Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the parent Outlook application for the ConversationHeader object. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

Class Class Class

Returns an OlObjectClass constant that indicates the class of the object. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

ConversationID ConversationID ConversationID

Returns a String (string in C#) that uniquely identifies the Conversation object to which this conversation header belongs. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

ConversationTopic ConversationTopic ConversationTopic

Returns a String (string in C#) representing the topic of the conversation thread of the Outlook item. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent Object of the specified object. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

Session Session Session

Returns the NameSpace object for the current session. Read-only.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)


GetConversation() GetConversation() GetConversation()

Obtains a Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this conversation header belongs.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

GetItems() GetItems() GetItems()

Obtains a SimpleItems collection that contains all of the items in the conversation that reside in the same folder as the selected conversation header.

(Inherited from _ConversationHeader)

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