OlActionReplyStyle OlActionReplyStyle OlActionReplyStyle Enum


Specifies the reply style.

public enum class OlActionReplyStyle
public enum OlActionReplyStyle
Public Enum OlActionReplyStyle


olEmbedOriginalItem olEmbedOriginalItem olEmbedOriginalItem 1

The reply will include the original item embedded in it.

olIncludeOriginalText olIncludeOriginalText olIncludeOriginalText 2

The reply will include the text of the original item.

olIndentOriginalText olIndentOriginalText olIndentOriginalText 3

The reply will include the indented text of the original item.

olLinkOriginalItem olLinkOriginalItem olLinkOriginalItem 4

The reply will include a link to the original item.

olOmitOriginalText olOmitOriginalText olOmitOriginalText 0

The reply will not include any references to the original item or its text.

olReplyTickOriginalText olReplyTickOriginalText olReplyTickOriginalText 1000

The reply will include the original text with each line preceded by a symbol such as ">".

olUserPreference olUserPreference olUserPreference 5

The reply style will be set based on the user's preference.


Used by the ReplyStyle property of an Action to specify the reply style that will be used when the Action is executed.

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