OlDefaultFolders OlDefaultFolders OlDefaultFolders Enum


Specifies the folder type for the current Microsoft Outlook profile.

public enum class OlDefaultFolders
public enum OlDefaultFolders
Public Enum OlDefaultFolders


olFolderCalendar olFolderCalendar olFolderCalendar 9

The Calendar folder.

olFolderConflicts olFolderConflicts olFolderConflicts 19

The Conflicts folder (subfolder of Sync Issues folder). Only available for an Exchange account.

olFolderContacts olFolderContacts olFolderContacts 10

The Contacts folder.

olFolderDeletedItems olFolderDeletedItems olFolderDeletedItems 3

The Deleted Items folder.

olFolderDrafts olFolderDrafts olFolderDrafts 16

The Drafts folder.

olFolderInbox olFolderInbox olFolderInbox 6

The Inbox folder.

olFolderJournal olFolderJournal olFolderJournal 11

The Journal folder.

olFolderJunk olFolderJunk olFolderJunk 23

The Junk E-Mail folder.

olFolderLocalFailures olFolderLocalFailures olFolderLocalFailures 21

The Local Failures folder (subfolder of Sync Issues folder). Only available for an Exchange account.

olFolderManagedEmail olFolderManagedEmail olFolderManagedEmail 29

The top-level folder in the Managed Folders group. For more information on Managed Folders, see Help in Outlook. Only available for an Exchange account.

olFolderNotes olFolderNotes olFolderNotes 12

The Notes folder.

olFolderOutbox olFolderOutbox olFolderOutbox 4

The Outbox folder.

olFolderRssFeeds olFolderRssFeeds olFolderRssFeeds 25

The RSS Feeds folder.

olFolderSentMail olFolderSentMail olFolderSentMail 5

The Sent Mail folder.

olFolderServerFailures olFolderServerFailures olFolderServerFailures 22

The Server Failures folder (subfolder of Sync Issues folder). Only available for an Exchange account.

olFolderSuggestedContacts olFolderSuggestedContacts olFolderSuggestedContacts 30

The Suggested Contacts folder.

olFolderSyncIssues olFolderSyncIssues olFolderSyncIssues 20

The Sync Issues folder. Only available for an Exchange account.

olFolderTasks olFolderTasks olFolderTasks 13

The Tasks folder.

olFolderToDo olFolderToDo olFolderToDo 28

The To Do folder.

olPublicFoldersAllPublicFolders olPublicFoldersAllPublicFolders olPublicFoldersAllPublicFolders 18

The All Public Folders folder in the Exchange Public Folders store. Only available for an Exchange account.


Used as a parameter to the GetSharedDefaultFolder(Recipient, OlDefaultFolders), GetDefaultFolder(OlDefaultFolders), and Add(String, Object) methods. Also used by the RequestedFolder property.

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