OlFormRegistry OlFormRegistry OlFormRegistry Enum


Indicates the form registry (library) where the Form is stored.

public enum class OlFormRegistry
public enum OlFormRegistry
Public Enum OlFormRegistry


olDefaultRegistry olDefaultRegistry olDefaultRegistry 0

The Form is registered in the user's default form registry.

olFolderRegistry olFolderRegistry olFolderRegistry 3

The Form is registered in a form registry specific to a particular folder, and can only be accessed from that folder.

olOrganizationRegistry olOrganizationRegistry olOrganizationRegistry 4

The Form is registered in the organizational form registry. The form is available to all users.

olPersonalRegistry olPersonalRegistry olPersonalRegistry 2

The Form is registered in the user's personal registry and is only accessible to that user.


Used as a parameter to the PublishForm(OlFormRegistry, Object) method to specify the form registry (library) in which to register the Form.

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