OlIconViewPlacement OlIconViewPlacement OlIconViewPlacement Enum


Indicates how icons are arranged in an IconView object.

public enum class OlIconViewPlacement
public enum OlIconViewPlacement
Public Enum OlIconViewPlacement


olIconAutoArrange olIconAutoArrange olIconAutoArrange 2

Icons are automatically lined up and arranged to prevent gaps or overlaps, but are not sorted.

olIconDoNotArrange olIconDoNotArrange olIconDoNotArrange 0

Icons are not automatically sorted, lined up, or arranged.

olIconLineUp olIconLineUp olIconLineUp 1

Icons are automatically lined up, but are not sorted or arranged.

olIconSortAndAutoArrange olIconSortAndAutoArrange olIconSortAndAutoArrange 3

Icons are automatically sorted, lined up, and arranged to prevent gaps or overlaps.

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