OlItemType OlItemType OlItemType Enum


Indicates the Outlook Item type.

public enum class OlItemType
public enum OlItemType
Public Enum OlItemType


olAppointmentItem olAppointmentItem olAppointmentItem 1

Represents an AppointmentItem

olContactItem olContactItem olContactItem 2

Represents a ContactItem

olDistributionListItem olDistributionListItem olDistributionListItem 7

Represents an DistListItem

olJournalItem olJournalItem olJournalItem 4

Represents a JournalItem

olMailItem olMailItem olMailItem 0

Represents a MailItem

olMobileItemMMS olMobileItemMMS olMobileItemMMS 12

A MobileItem object that is a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) message.

olMobileItemSMS olMobileItemSMS olMobileItemSMS 11

A MobileItem object that is a Short Message Service (SMS) message.

olNoteItem olNoteItem olNoteItem 5

Represents a NoteItem

olPostItem olPostItem olPostItem 6

Represents a PostItem

olTaskItem olTaskItem olTaskItem 3

Represents a TaskItem

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