OlMousePointer OlMousePointer OlMousePointer Enum


Specifies the mouse cursor that is displayed while the mouse is positioned over a control and a drag/drop operation is not being performed.

public enum class OlMousePointer
public enum OlMousePointer
Public Enum OlMousePointer


olMousePointerAppStarting olMousePointerAppStarting olMousePointerAppStarting 13

The cursor is the arrow and the hourglass, representing that the application is starting.

olMousePointerArrow olMousePointerArrow olMousePointerArrow 1

The cursor is the standard arrow.

olMousePointerCross olMousePointerCross olMousePointerCross 2

The cursor is the cross.

olMousePointerCustom olMousePointerCustom olMousePointerCustom 99

The cursor is represented by the custom cursor bitmap.

olMousePointerDefault olMousePointerDefault olMousePointerDefault 0

The default cursor.

olMousePointerHelp olMousePointerHelp olMousePointerHelp 14

The cursor is the What's This help cursor.

olMousePointerHourGlass olMousePointerHourGlass olMousePointerHourGlass 11

The cursor is the hourglass, representing that the application is busy.

olMousePointerIBeam olMousePointerIBeam olMousePointerIBeam 3

The cursor is the I-beam text entry cursor.

olMousePointerNoDrop olMousePointerNoDrop olMousePointerNoDrop 12

The cursor is the no-drop cursor.

olMousePointerSizeAll olMousePointerSizeAll olMousePointerSizeAll 15

Resize cursor in all directions.

olMousePointerSizeNESW olMousePointerSizeNESW olMousePointerSizeNESW 6

Resize cursor from Northeast to Southwest.

olMousePointerSizeNS olMousePointerSizeNS olMousePointerSizeNS 7

Resize cursor from North to South.

olMousePointerSizeNWSE olMousePointerSizeNWSE olMousePointerSizeNWSE 8

Resize cursor from Northwest to Southeast.

olMousePointerSizeWE olMousePointerSizeWE olMousePointerSizeWE 9

Resize cursor from West to East.

olMousePointerUpArrow olMousePointerUpArrow olMousePointerUpArrow 10

The cursor is the vertical arrow.

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