OlSearchScope OlSearchScope OlSearchScope Enum


Specifies the scope in terms of folders for the search.

public enum class OlSearchScope
public enum OlSearchScope
Public Enum OlSearchScope


olSearchScopeAllFolders olSearchScopeAllFolders olSearchScopeAllFolders 1

The search scope will be across all folders that have the folder type of the current folder (DefaultItemType) and all stores that have been selected for search in the In Folder drop down menu.

olSearchScopeAllOutlookItems olSearchScopeAllOutlookItems olSearchScopeAllOutlookItems 2

The search scope is all Outlook items in all folders in stores that have been selected for search.

olSearchScopeCurrentFolder olSearchScopeCurrentFolder olSearchScopeCurrentFolder 0

The search scope will be only the folder represented by CurrentFolder.

olSearchScopeCurrentStore olSearchScopeCurrentStore olSearchScopeCurrentStore 4

The search scope is the store for the current folder, which contains the item displayed in the active explorer.

olSearchScopeSubfolders olSearchScopeSubfolders olSearchScopeSubfolders 3

The search scope is the folder represented by CurrentFolder and its subfolders.


You can select stores to search in the Locations to Search menu by clicking Search Tools in the Options group of the Search contextual tab in the Microsoft Office Fluent ribbon.

By default, search does not include the Deleted Items folder. To search the Deleted Items folder, set that folder as your current folder and search by olSearchScopeCurrentFolder.

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