OlSelectionLocation OlSelectionLocation OlSelectionLocation Enum


Specifies the location of a selection in the Microsoft Outlook user interface.

public enum class OlSelectionLocation
public enum OlSelectionLocation
Public Enum OlSelectionLocation


olAttachmentWell olAttachmentWell olAttachmentWell 4

The selection is an attachment of an item in the Reading Pane or inspector.

olDailyTaskList olDailyTaskList olDailyTaskList 3

The selection is in the daily Tasks list in the calendar view.

olToDoBarAppointmentList olToDoBarAppointmentList olToDoBarAppointmentList 2

The selection is in the list of appointments in the To-Do Bar.

olToDoBarTaskList olToDoBarTaskList olToDoBarTaskList 1

The selection is in the list of tasks in the To-Do Bar.

olViewList olViewList olViewList 0

The selection is in a list of items in an explorer.


This enumeration is used by the Location property of the Selection object.

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