OlViewType OlViewType OlViewType Enum


Indicates the view object type.

public enum class OlViewType
public enum OlViewType
Public Enum OlViewType


olBusinessCardView olBusinessCardView olBusinessCardView 5

Represents a BusinessCardView object.

olCalendarView olCalendarView olCalendarView 2

Represents a CalendarView object.

olCardView olCardView olCardView 1

Represents a CardView object.

olDailyTaskListView olDailyTaskListView olDailyTaskListView 6

Represents the TableView object that contains the daily task list in a calendar view.

olIconView olIconView olIconView 3

Represents an IconView object.

olPeopleView olPeopleView olPeopleView 7

Represents a PeopleView object.

olTableView olTableView olTableView 0

Represents a TableView object.

olTimelineView olTimelineView olTimelineView 4

Represents a TimelineView object.


Used by the ViewType property of View objects and as a parameter to the Add(String, OlViewType, OlViewSaveOption) method.

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