Panes Panes Panes Interface


Contains the panes displayed by the specified Explorer.

public interface class Panes : System::Collections::IEnumerable
public interface Panes : System.Collections.IEnumerable
Public Interface Panes
Implements IEnumerable


Use the Panes property to return the Panes collection object from an Explorer object.

Use the Item[Object] property (this in C#) to retrieve a specific pane.

For Microsoft Outlook 2000 and later, the Shortcuts pane is the only pane that you can access through the Panes object.


Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the parent Outlook application for the object. Read-only.

Class Class Class

Returns an OlObjectClass constant indicating the object's class. Read-only.

Count Count Count

Returns an Integer (int in C#) value indicating the count of objects in the specified collection. Read-only.

Item[Object] Item[Object] Item[Object]

Returns a pane from a collection.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent Object of the specified object. Read-only.

Session Session Session

Returns the NameSpace object for the current session. Read-only.

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