Recipient.Type Recipient.Type Recipient.Type Property


Returns or sets an Integer (int in C#) value representing the type of recipient. Read/write.

 property int Type { int get(); void set(int value); };
public int Type { get; set; }
Public Property Type As Integer

Property Value


Depending on the type of recipient, this property returns or sets an Integer (int in C#) value corresponding to the numeric equivalent of one of the following constants:

This property may not always return the appropriate recipient type for a conference room. For instance, a conference room may be specified as a required recipient in a meeting request, in which case this property will not return olResource for that conference room.

To reliably determine if a recipient is a conference room, use the Messaging API (MAPI) property, PidTagDisplayTypeEx, of the Recipient object. You can access this property using the PropertyAccessor object in the Outlook object model. The PidTagDisplayTypeEx property is represented as "" in the MAPI proptag namespace. Note that the PidTagDisplayTypeEx property is not available in versions of Microsoft Exchange Server earlier than Microsoft Exchange Server 2007; in such earlier versions of Exchange Server, you can use the Recipient.Type property and assume that a recipient having a type other than olResource is not a conference room.

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