_Application.FileValidation Property


Gets or sets how Word will validate files before opening them.

 property Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoFileValidationMode FileValidation { Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoFileValidationMode get(); void set(Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoFileValidationMode value); };
public Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoFileValidationMode FileValidation { get; set; }
member this.FileValidation : Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoFileValidationMode with get, set
Public Property FileValidation As MsoFileValidationMode

Property Value


A MsoFileValidationMode object.


Read-write MsoFileValidationMode. Files that do not pass validation are opened in a ProtectedViewWindow. The FileValidation property is per-session only. If you set the FileValidation property, that setting remains in effect for the entire session that the application is open.

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