_Document.CheckInWithVersion(Boolean, Object, Boolean, Object) _Document.CheckInWithVersion(Boolean, Object, Boolean, Object) Method


Puts a document on a server from a local computer, and sets the local document to read-only so that it cannot be edited locally.

public void CheckInWithVersion (bool SaveChanges = false, ref object Comments, bool MakePublic = false, ref object VersionType);
Public Sub CheckInWithVersion (Optional SaveChanges As Boolean = false, Optional ByRef Comments As Object, Optional MakePublic As Boolean = false, Optional ByRef VersionType As Object)


Boolean Boolean

True to save the document to the server location. The default is True.


Comments for the revision of the document being checked in (only applies if SaveChanges is set to true).

Boolean Boolean

True to allow the user to publish the document after it is checked in.


Specifies versioning information for the document.


Setting the MakePublic parameter to True submits the document for the approval process, which can eventually result in a version of the document being published to users with read-only rights to the document (only applies if SaveChanges is set to True).

To take advantage of the collaboration features built into Microsoft Word, documents must be stored on a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.

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