Adjustments.Item[Int32] Adjustments.Item[Int32] Adjustments.Item[Int32] Property


Returns or sets the specified adjustment value.

 property float default[int] { float get(int Index); void set(int Index, float value); };
public float this[int Index] { get; set; }
Default Public Property Item(Index As Integer) As Single
Int32 Int32 Int32

The index number of the adjustment.

Property Value


For linear adjustments, an adjustment value of 0.0 generally corresponds to the left or top edge of the shape, and a value of 1.0 generally corresponds to the right or bottom edge of the shape. However, adjustments can pass beyond shape boundaries for some shapes. For radial adjustments, an adjustment value of 1.0 corresponds to the width of the shape. For angular adjustments, the adjustment value is specified in degrees. The Item property applies only to shapes that have adjustments.

AutoShapes and WordArt objects have up to eight adjustments.

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