Border Border Border Interface


Represents a border of an object.

public interface class Border
public interface Border
Public Interface Border


The Border object is a member of the Borders collection.

Use Borders(index), where index identifies the border, to return a single Border object. Index can be one of the following WdBorderType constants: wdBorderBottom, wdBorderDiagonalDown, wdBorderDiagonalUp, wdBorderHorizontal, wdBorderLeft, wdBorderRight, wdBorderTop, or wdBorderVertical. Use the LineStyle property to apply a border line to a Border object.

Border objects cannot be added to the Borders collection. The number of members in the Borders collection is finite and varies depending on the type of object. For example, a table has six elements in the Borders collection, whereas a paragraph has four.


Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.

ArtStyle ArtStyle ArtStyle

Returns or sets the graphical page-border design for a document.

ArtWidth ArtWidth ArtWidth

Returns or sets the width (in points) of the specified graphical page border.

Color Color Color

Returns or sets the 24-bit color for the specified Border object.

ColorIndex ColorIndex ColorIndex

Returns or sets the color for the specified border object.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a value that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.

Inside Inside Inside

Returns an inside border that can be applied to the specified object.

LineStyle LineStyle LineStyle

Returns or sets the border line style for the specified object.

LineWidth LineWidth LineWidth

Returns or sets the line width of an object's border.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent object of the specified object.

Visible Visible Visible

Returns or sets a value that indicates if the specified Border object is visible.

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