CalloutFormat.PresetDrop(MsoCalloutDropType) CalloutFormat.PresetDrop(MsoCalloutDropType) CalloutFormat.PresetDrop(MsoCalloutDropType) Method


Specifies whether the callout line attaches to the top, bottom, or center of the callout text box or whether it attaches at a point that's a specified distance from the top or bottom of the text box.

 void PresetDrop(Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoCalloutDropType DropType);
public void PresetDrop (Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoCalloutDropType DropType);
Public Sub PresetDrop (DropType As MsoCalloutDropType)
Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoCalloutDropType Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoCalloutDropType Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoCalloutDropType

The starting position of the callout line relative to the text bounding box.


If you specify msoCalloutDropCustom for the DropType parameter, the values of the Drop and AutoAttach properties and the relative positions of the callout text box and callout line origin (the place that the callout points to) are used to determine where the callout line attaches to the text box.

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