ChartColorFormat ChartColorFormat ChartColorFormat Interface


Represents the color of a one-color object or the foreground or background color of an object with a gradient or patterned fill.

public interface class ChartColorFormat
public interface ChartColorFormat
Public Interface ChartColorFormat


Use one of the properties listed in the following table to return a ChartColorFormat object.

BackColor ChartFillFormat Background fill color (used in a shaded or patterned fill)
ForeColor ChartFillFormat Foreground fill color (or just the fill color for a solid fill)


_Default _Default _Default

Reserved for internal use.

Application Application Application

When used without an object qualifier, this property returns an _Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application. When used with an object qualifier, this property returns an _Application object that represents the creator of the specified object (you can use this property with an OLE Automation object to return the application of that object). Read-only.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created. Read-only.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent for the specified object. Read-only.


Returns an Integer that represents the red-green-blue value of the specified color.

SchemeColor SchemeColor SchemeColor

Returns or sets the index of a color in the current color scheme.

Type Type Type

Returns an Integer value that that represents the color format type.

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