FillFormat.GradientStyle FillFormat.GradientStyle FillFormat.GradientStyle Property


Returns the gradient style for the specified fill.

 property Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoGradientStyle GradientStyle { Microsoft::Office::Core::MsoGradientStyle get(); };
public Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoGradientStyle GradientStyle { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property GradientStyle As MsoGradientStyle
Property Value
Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoGradientStyle Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoGradientStyle Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoGradientStyle


Use the OneColorGradient(MsoGradientStyle, Int32, Single) or TwoColorGradient(MsoGradientStyle, Int32) method to set the gradient style for the fill.

Attempting to return this property for a fill that doesn't have a gradient generates an error. Use the Type property to determine whether the fill has a gradient.

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