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Represents a language used for proofing or formatting in Microsoft Word.

public interface class Language
public interface Language
Public Interface Language


The Language object is a member of the Languages collection.

Use Languages(index) to return a single Language object, where index can be the value of the Name property, the value of the NameLocal property, one of the WdLanguageID constants, or one of the Microsoft.Office.Core.MsoLanguageID constants.

The Name property returns the name of a language, whereas the NameLocal property returns the name of a language in the language of the user.

For each language for which proofing tools are installed, you can use the ActiveGrammarDictionary, ActiveHyphenationDictionary, ActiveSpellingDictionary, and ActiveThesaurusDictionary properties to return the corresponding Dictionary object.

The writing style is the set of rules used by the grammar checker. The WritingStyleList property returns an array of strings that represent the available writing styles for the specified language.

Use the DefaultWritingStyle property to set the default writing style you want Word to use.

You can override the default writing style with the ActiveWritingStyle[Object] property. This property is applied to a specified document for text marked in a specified language.

You must have the proofing tools installed for each language you intend to check.

If you mark text as wdNoProofing, Word skips the marked text when running a spelling or grammar check.


ActiveGrammarDictionary ActiveGrammarDictionary ActiveGrammarDictionary

Returns a Dictionary object that represents the active grammar dictionary for the specified language.

ActiveHyphenationDictionary ActiveHyphenationDictionary ActiveHyphenationDictionary

Returns a Dictionary object that represents the active hyphenation dictionary for the specified language.

ActiveSpellingDictionary ActiveSpellingDictionary ActiveSpellingDictionary

Returns a Dictionary object that represents the active spelling dictionary for the specified language.

ActiveThesaurusDictionary ActiveThesaurusDictionary ActiveThesaurusDictionary

Returns a Dictionary object that represents the active thesaurus dictionary for the specified language.

Application Application Application

Returns a Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.

DefaultWritingStyle DefaultWritingStyle DefaultWritingStyle

Returns or sets the default writing style used by the grammar checker for the specified language. The name of the writing style is the localized name for the specified language.


Returns a number that identifies the specified language.

Name Name Name

Returns or sets the name of the specified object.

NameLocal NameLocal NameLocal

Returns the name of a proofing tool language in the language of the user.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified object.

SpellingDictionaryType SpellingDictionaryType SpellingDictionaryType

Returns or sets the proofing tool type. Read/write.

WritingStyleList WritingStyleList WritingStyleList

Returns a string array that contains the names of all writing styles available for the specified language.

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