MailMergeDataSource.FindRecord(String, Object) MailMergeDataSource.FindRecord(String, Object) Method


Searches the contents of the specified mail merge data source for text in a particular field. Returns True if the search text is found.

public bool FindRecord (string FindText, ref object Field);
Public Function FindRecord (FindText As String, Optional ByRef Field As Object) As Boolean
String String

Required String. The text to be looked for.

Object Object

Required Variant. The name of the field to be searched.



The FindRecord method corresponds to the Find Record button on the Mail Merge toolbar.

The FindRecord method does a forward search only. Therefore, if the active record is not the first record in the data source and the record for which you are searching is before the active record, the FindRecord method will return no results. To ensure that the entire data source is searched, set the ActiveRecord property to wdFirstRecord.

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