Options.ContextualSpeller Options.ContextualSpeller Options.ContextualSpeller Property


Returns or sets a Boolean that represents whether to use the contextual speller to check spelling based on the context of a word and the words around it. Read/write.

 property bool ContextualSpeller { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool ContextualSpeller { get; set; }
Public Property ContextualSpeller As Boolean
Property Value


The contextual speller indentifies the structure of words and their location within a sentence to determine if spelling is correct. It can find errors that the standard spelling checker cannot find. For example, a user might type "superb owl" instead of "super bowl". Because both "superb" and "owl" are correctly spelled words, the standard spelling checker would not find an error. Based on the words in context of the sentence and the words around them, the contextual speller determines that the correct words are "super" and "bowl" and makes the change automatically.

This property corresponds to the Use contextual spelling check box in the Proofing tab of the Word Options dialog box.

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