Options.PasteFormatWithinDocument Options.PasteFormatWithinDocument Options.PasteFormatWithinDocument Property


Returns or sets a WdPasteOptions constant that represents how text is pasted when text is copied or cut and then pasted in the same document. Read/write.

 property Microsoft::Office::Interop::Word::WdPasteOptions PasteFormatWithinDocument { Microsoft::Office::Interop::Word::WdPasteOptions get(); void set(Microsoft::Office::Interop::Word::WdPasteOptions value); };
public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdPasteOptions PasteFormatWithinDocument { get; set; }
Public Property PasteFormatWithinDocument As WdPasteOptions

Property Value


Corresponds to the Pasting within the same document option in the Advanced tab of the Word Options dialog box.

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