Options.SetWPHelpOptions(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) Options.SetWPHelpOptions(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) Method


Sets the options for the WordPerfect Help feature.

public void SetWPHelpOptions (ref object CommandKeyHelp, ref object DocNavigationKeys, ref object MouseSimulation, ref object DemoGuidance, ref object DemoSpeed, ref object HelpType);
Public Sub SetWPHelpOptions (Optional ByRef CommandKeyHelp As Object, Optional ByRef DocNavigationKeys As Object, Optional ByRef MouseSimulation As Object, Optional ByRef DemoGuidance As Object, Optional ByRef DemoSpeed As Object, Optional ByRef HelpType As Object)



Optional Object. True to display instructions or demonstrate a Word equivalent when a WordPerfect® for DOS key combination is pressed. WordPerfect Help is displayed in the status bar.


Optional Object. True to make the arrow keys and the PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, HOME, END, and ESC keys function as they would in WordPerfect.


Optional Object. True to have the pointer move to each option that WordPerfect Help selects during demonstrations.


Optional Object. True to display help text when user input is required during WordPerfect Help demonstrations.


Optional Object. The speed of WordPerfect Help demonstrations. Can be one of the following values.ValueSpeed0 (zero)Fast1Medium2Slow


Optional Object. Specifies whether WordPerfect Help displays help text or demonstrates the WordPerfect command. Can be either 0 (zero), for Help text, or 1, for a demonstration.

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