Selection.StartIsActive Selection.StartIsActive Selection.StartIsActive Property


Determines if the beginning of the selection is active.

 property bool StartIsActive { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool StartIsActive { get; set; }
Public Property StartIsActive As Boolean
Property Value


This property returns True if the beginning of the selection is active and False if not.

If the selection is not collapsed to an insertion point, either the beginning or the end of the selection is active. The active end of the selection moves when you call the following methods: EndKey(Object, Object), Extend(Object) (with the Characters argument), HomeKey(Object, Object), MoveDown(Object, Object, Object), MoveLeft(Object, Object, Object), MoveRight(Object, Object, Object), and MoveUp(Object, Object, Object).

This property is equivalent to using the Flags property with the wdSelStartActive constant. However, using the Flags property requires binary operations, which are more complicated than using the StartIsActive property.

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