Subdocument Subdocument Subdocument Interface


Represents a subdocument within a document or range.

public interface class Subdocument
public interface Subdocument
Public Interface Subdocument


The Subdocument object is a member of the Subdocuments collection. The Subdocuments collection includes all the subdocuments in a range or document.

Use Subdocuments(index), where index is the index number, to return a single Subdocument object.

Use the AddFromFile(Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object) or AddFromRange(Range) method to add a subdocument to a document.


Application Application Application

Returns a Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.

HasFile HasFile HasFile

True if the specified subdocument has been saved to a file.

Level Level Level

Returns the heading level used to create the subdocument.

Locked Locked Locked

True if a subdocument in a master document is locked.

Name Name Name

Returns or sets the name of the specified object.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified object.

Path Path Path

Returns the disk or Web path to the specified object.

Range Range Range

Returns a Range object that represents the portion of a document that's contained in the specified object.


Delete() Delete() Delete()

Deletes the specified object.

Open() Open() Open()

Opens the specified object. Returns a Document object representing the opened object.

Split(Range) Split(Range) Split(Range)

Divides an existing subdocument into two subdocuments at the same level in master document view or outline view.

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