WdCharacterCase WdCharacterCase WdCharacterCase Enum


Specifies the case of the text in the specified range.

public enum class WdCharacterCase
public enum WdCharacterCase
Public Enum WdCharacterCase


wdFullWidth wdFullWidth wdFullWidth 7

Full-width. Used for Japanese characters.

wdHalfWidth wdHalfWidth wdHalfWidth 6

Half-width. Used for Japanese characters.

wdHiragana wdHiragana wdHiragana 9

Hiragana characters. Used with Japanese text.

wdKatakana wdKatakana wdKatakana 8

Katakana characters. Used with Japanese text.

wdLowerCase wdLowerCase wdLowerCase 0

Lower case.

wdNextCase wdNextCase wdNextCase -1

Toggles between upper, lower, and sentence case.

wdTitleSentence wdTitleSentence wdTitleSentence 4

Sentence case.

wdTitleWord wdTitleWord wdTitleWord 2

Title word case.

wdToggleCase wdToggleCase wdToggleCase 5

Toggles upper case characters to lower, and lower case characters to upper.

wdUpperCase wdUpperCase wdUpperCase 1

Upper case.

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