WdKey WdKey WdKey Enum


Specifies a keyboard character. Although uppercase and lowercase characters are designated by using different values in a character encoding map, they share a single constant in this enumeration.

public enum class WdKey
public enum WdKey
Public Enum WdKey


wdKey0 wdKey0 wdKey0 48

The 0 key.

wdKey1 wdKey1 wdKey1 49

The 1 key.

wdKey2 wdKey2 wdKey2 50

The 2 key.

wdKey3 wdKey3 wdKey3 51

The 3 key.

wdKey4 wdKey4 wdKey4 52

The 4 key.

wdKey5 wdKey5 wdKey5 53

The 5 key.

wdKey6 wdKey6 wdKey6 54

The 6 key.

wdKey7 wdKey7 wdKey7 55

The 7 key.

wdKey8 wdKey8 wdKey8 56

The 8 key.

wdKey9 wdKey9 wdKey9 57

The 9 key.

wdKeyA wdKeyA wdKeyA 65

The A key.

wdKeyAlt wdKeyAlt wdKeyAlt 1024

The ALT key.

wdKeyB wdKeyB wdKeyB 66

The B key.

wdKeyBackSingleQuote wdKeyBackSingleQuote wdKeyBackSingleQuote 192

The ` key.

wdKeyBackSlash wdKeyBackSlash wdKeyBackSlash 220

The \ key.

wdKeyBackspace wdKeyBackspace wdKeyBackspace 8


wdKeyC wdKeyC wdKeyC 67

The C key.

wdKeyCloseSquareBrace wdKeyCloseSquareBrace wdKeyCloseSquareBrace 221

The ] key.

wdKeyComma wdKeyComma wdKeyComma 188

The , key.

wdKeyCommand wdKeyCommand wdKeyCommand 512

The Windows command key or Macintosh COMMAND key.

wdKeyControl wdKeyControl wdKeyControl 512

The CTRL key.

wdKeyD wdKeyD wdKeyD 68

The D key.

wdKeyDelete wdKeyDelete wdKeyDelete 46

The DELETE key.

wdKeyE wdKeyE wdKeyE 69

The E key.

wdKeyEnd wdKeyEnd wdKeyEnd 35

The END key.

wdKeyEquals wdKeyEquals wdKeyEquals 187

The = key.

wdKeyEsc wdKeyEsc wdKeyEsc 27

The ESC key.

wdKeyF wdKeyF wdKeyF 70

The F key.

wdKeyF1 wdKeyF1 wdKeyF1 112

The F1 key.

wdKeyF10 wdKeyF10 wdKeyF10 121

The F10 key.

wdKeyF11 wdKeyF11 wdKeyF11 122

The F11 key.

wdKeyF12 wdKeyF12 wdKeyF12 123

The F12 key.

wdKeyF13 wdKeyF13 wdKeyF13 124

The F13 key.

wdKeyF14 wdKeyF14 wdKeyF14 125

The F14 key.

wdKeyF15 wdKeyF15 wdKeyF15 126

The F15 key.

wdKeyF16 wdKeyF16 wdKeyF16 127

The F16 key.

wdKeyF2 wdKeyF2 wdKeyF2 113

The F2 key.

wdKeyF3 wdKeyF3 wdKeyF3 114

The F3 key.

wdKeyF4 wdKeyF4 wdKeyF4 115

The F4 key.

wdKeyF5 wdKeyF5 wdKeyF5 116

The F5 key.

wdKeyF6 wdKeyF6 wdKeyF6 117

The F6 key.

wdKeyF7 wdKeyF7 wdKeyF7 118

The F7 key.

wdKeyF8 wdKeyF8 wdKeyF8 119

The F8 key.

wdKeyF9 wdKeyF9 wdKeyF9 120

The F9 key.

wdKeyG wdKeyG wdKeyG 71

The G key.

wdKeyH wdKeyH wdKeyH 72

The H key.

wdKeyHome wdKeyHome wdKeyHome 36

The HOME key.

wdKeyHyphen wdKeyHyphen wdKeyHyphen 189

The - key.

wdKeyI wdKeyI wdKeyI 73

The I key.

wdKeyInsert wdKeyInsert wdKeyInsert 45

The INSERT key.

wdKeyJ wdKeyJ wdKeyJ 74

The J key.

wdKeyK wdKeyK wdKeyK 75

The K key.

wdKeyL wdKeyL wdKeyL 76

The L key.

wdKeyM wdKeyM wdKeyM 77

The M key.

wdKeyN wdKeyN wdKeyN 78

The N key.

wdKeyNumeric0 wdKeyNumeric0 wdKeyNumeric0 96

The 0 key.

wdKeyNumeric1 wdKeyNumeric1 wdKeyNumeric1 97

The 1 key.

wdKeyNumeric2 wdKeyNumeric2 wdKeyNumeric2 98

The 2 key.

wdKeyNumeric3 wdKeyNumeric3 wdKeyNumeric3 99

The 3 key.

wdKeyNumeric4 wdKeyNumeric4 wdKeyNumeric4 100

The 4 key.

wdKeyNumeric5 wdKeyNumeric5 wdKeyNumeric5 101

The 5 key.

wdKeyNumeric5Special wdKeyNumeric5Special wdKeyNumeric5Special 12


wdKeyNumeric6 wdKeyNumeric6 wdKeyNumeric6 102

The 6 key.

wdKeyNumeric7 wdKeyNumeric7 wdKeyNumeric7 103

The 7 key.

wdKeyNumeric8 wdKeyNumeric8 wdKeyNumeric8 104

The 8 key.

wdKeyNumeric9 wdKeyNumeric9 wdKeyNumeric9 105

The 9 key.

wdKeyNumericAdd wdKeyNumericAdd wdKeyNumericAdd 107

The + key on the numeric keypad.

wdKeyNumericDecimal wdKeyNumericDecimal wdKeyNumericDecimal 110

The . key on the numeric keypad.

wdKeyNumericDivide wdKeyNumericDivide wdKeyNumericDivide 111

The / key on the numeric keypad.

wdKeyNumericMultiply wdKeyNumericMultiply wdKeyNumericMultiply 106

The * key on the numeric keypad.

wdKeyNumericSubtract wdKeyNumericSubtract wdKeyNumericSubtract 109

The - key on the numeric keypad.

wdKeyO wdKeyO wdKeyO 79

The O key.

wdKeyOpenSquareBrace wdKeyOpenSquareBrace wdKeyOpenSquareBrace 219

The [ key.

wdKeyOption wdKeyOption wdKeyOption 1024

The mouse option key or Macintosh OPTION key.

wdKeyP wdKeyP wdKeyP 80

The P key.

wdKeyPageDown wdKeyPageDown wdKeyPageDown 34

The PAGE DOWN key.

wdKeyPageUp wdKeyPageUp wdKeyPageUp 33

The PAGE UP key.

wdKeyPause wdKeyPause wdKeyPause 19

The PAUSE key.

wdKeyPeriod wdKeyPeriod wdKeyPeriod 190

The . key.

wdKeyQ wdKeyQ wdKeyQ 81

The Q key.

wdKeyR wdKeyR wdKeyR 82

The R key.

wdKeyReturn wdKeyReturn wdKeyReturn 13

The ENTER or RETURN key.

wdKeyS wdKeyS wdKeyS 83

The S key.

wdKeyScrollLock wdKeyScrollLock wdKeyScrollLock 145


wdKeySemiColon wdKeySemiColon wdKeySemiColon 186

The ; key.

wdKeyShift wdKeyShift wdKeyShift 256

The SHIFT key.

wdKeySingleQuote wdKeySingleQuote wdKeySingleQuote 222

The ' key.

wdKeySlash wdKeySlash wdKeySlash 191

The / key.

wdKeySpacebar wdKeySpacebar wdKeySpacebar 32


wdKeyT wdKeyT wdKeyT 84

The T key.

wdKeyTab wdKeyTab wdKeyTab 9

The TAB key.

wdKeyU wdKeyU wdKeyU 85

The U key.

wdKeyV wdKeyV wdKeyV 86

The V key.

wdKeyW wdKeyW wdKeyW 87

The W key.

wdKeyX wdKeyX wdKeyX 88

The X key.

wdKeyY wdKeyY wdKeyY 89

The Y key.

wdKeyZ wdKeyZ wdKeyZ 90

The Z key.

wdNoKey wdNoKey wdNoKey 255

No key.

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