WdLigatures WdLigatures WdLigatures Enum


Specifies the type of ligatures applied to a font.

public enum class WdLigatures
public enum WdLigatures
Public Enum WdLigatures


wdLigaturesAll wdLigaturesAll wdLigaturesAll 15

Applies all types of ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesContextual wdLigaturesContextual wdLigaturesContextual 2

Applies contextual ligatures to the font. Contextual ligatures are often designed to enhance readability, but may also be solely ornamental. Contextual ligatures may also be contextual alternates.

wdLigaturesContextualDiscretional wdLigaturesContextualDiscretional wdLigaturesContextualDiscretional 10

Applies contextual and discretional ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesContextualHistorical wdLigaturesContextualHistorical wdLigaturesContextualHistorical 6

Applies contextual and historical ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesContextualHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesContextualHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesContextualHistoricalDiscretional 14

Applies contextual, historical, and discretional ligatures to a font.

wdLigaturesDiscretional wdLigaturesDiscretional wdLigaturesDiscretional 8

Applies discretional ligatures to the font. Discretional ligatures are most often designed to be ornamental at the discretion of the type developer.

wdLigaturesHistorical wdLigaturesHistorical wdLigaturesHistorical 4

Applies historical ligatures to the font. Historical ligatures are similar to standard ligatures in that they were originally intended to improve the readability of the font, but may look archaic to the modern reader.

wdLigaturesHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesHistoricalDiscretional 12

Applies historical and discretional ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesNone wdLigaturesNone wdLigaturesNone 0

Does not apply any ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandard wdLigaturesStandard wdLigaturesStandard 1

Applies standard ligatures to the font. Standard ligatures are designed to enhance readability. Standard ligatures in Latin languages include "fi", "fl", and "ff", for example.

wdLigaturesStandardContextual wdLigaturesStandardContextual wdLigaturesStandardContextual 3

Applies standard and contextual ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandardContextualDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardContextualDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardContextualDiscretional 11

Applies standard, contextual and discretional ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandardContextualHistorical wdLigaturesStandardContextualHistorical wdLigaturesStandardContextualHistorical 7

Applies standard, contextual, and historical ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandardDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardDiscretional 9

Applies standard and discretional ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandardHistorical wdLigaturesStandardHistorical wdLigaturesStandardHistorical 5

Applies standard and historical ligatures to the font.

wdLigaturesStandardHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardHistoricalDiscretional wdLigaturesStandardHistoricalDiscretional 13

Applies standard historical and discretional ligatures to the font.

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