WdLockType WdLockType WdLockType Enum


Specifies the type of lock for a CoAuthLock object.

public enum class WdLockType
public enum WdLockType
Public Enum WdLockType


wdLockChanged wdLockChanged wdLockChanged 3

Specifies a placeholder lock. A placeholder lock indicates that another user has removed their lock from the range, but the current user has not updated their view of the document by saving.

wdLockEphemeral wdLockEphemeral wdLockEphemeral 2

Specifies an ephemeral lock that Word 2010 implicitly places on a range when a user begins editing a range in a document with co-authoring enabled.

wdLockNone wdLockNone wdLockNone 0

Reserved for future use.

wdLockReservation wdLockReservation wdLockReservation 1

Specifies a reservation lock. A reservation lock is explicitly created by a user through the Block Authors button on the Review tab in Word 2010.

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