WdMoveToTextMark WdMoveToTextMark WdMoveToTextMark Enum


Marks the moved-to text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.

public enum class WdMoveToTextMark
public enum WdMoveToTextMark
Public Enum WdMoveToTextMark


wdMoveToTextMarkBold wdMoveToTextMarkBold wdMoveToTextMarkBold 1

Marks moved text with bold formatting.

wdMoveToTextMarkColorOnly wdMoveToTextMarkColorOnly wdMoveToTextMarkColorOnly 5

Marks moved text with color only. Use the MoveToTextColor property to set the color of moved text.

wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough 7

Moved text is marked with a double strikethrough.

wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleUnderline wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleUnderline wdMoveToTextMarkDoubleUnderline 4

Moved text is marked with a double underline.

wdMoveToTextMarkItalic wdMoveToTextMarkItalic wdMoveToTextMarkItalic 2

Marks moved text with italic formatting.

wdMoveToTextMarkNone wdMoveToTextMarkNone wdMoveToTextMarkNone 0

No special formatting for moved text.

wdMoveToTextMarkStrikeThrough wdMoveToTextMarkStrikeThrough wdMoveToTextMarkStrikeThrough 6

Moved text is marked with a strikethrough.

wdMoveToTextMarkUnderline wdMoveToTextMarkUnderline wdMoveToTextMarkUnderline 3

Underlines moved text.

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