WdOLEVerb WdOLEVerb WdOLEVerb Enum


Specifies the action associated with the verb that the OLE object should perform.

public enum class WdOLEVerb
public enum WdOLEVerb
Public Enum WdOLEVerb


wdOLEVerbDiscardUndoState wdOLEVerbDiscardUndoState wdOLEVerbDiscardUndoState -6

Forces the object to discard any undo state that it might be maintaining; note that the object remains active, however.

wdOLEVerbHide wdOLEVerbHide wdOLEVerbHide -3

Removes the object's user interface from view.

wdOLEVerbInPlaceActivate wdOLEVerbInPlaceActivate wdOLEVerbInPlaceActivate -5

Runs the object and installs its window, but doesn't install any user-interface tools.

wdOLEVerbOpen wdOLEVerbOpen wdOLEVerbOpen -2

Opens the object in a separate window.

wdOLEVerbPrimary wdOLEVerbPrimary wdOLEVerbPrimary 0

Performs the verb that is invoked when the user double-clicks the object.

wdOLEVerbShow wdOLEVerbShow wdOLEVerbShow -1

Shows the object to the user for editing or viewing. Use it to show a newly inserted object for initial editing.

wdOLEVerbUIActivate wdOLEVerbUIActivate wdOLEVerbUIActivate -4

Activates the object in place and displays any user-interface tools that the object needs, such as menus or toolbars.

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