SPSocialActor SPSocialActor SPSocialActor Class


Represents a user, document, site, or tag in social feed and following activities.

public ref class SPSocialActor
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(Name="SocialActor", ServerTypeId="A9A8B6CF-B696-4DBC-BD62-B78D45149EB1", ValueObject=true)]
public class SPSocialActor
Public Class SPSocialActor


AccountName AccountName AccountName

Gets the actor's account name. Applies to users.

ActorType ActorType ActorType

Gets the type of actor (users, documents, sites, or tags).

CanFollow CanFollow CanFollow

Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the SPSocialActor object can be followed.

ContentUri ContentUri ContentUri

Gets the actor's content URI. Applies to documents and sites.

EmailAddress EmailAddress EmailAddress

Gets the actor's email address. Applies to users.

FollowedContentUri FollowedContentUri FollowedContentUri

Gets the URI of the actor's list of followed content. Applies to users.

Id Id Id

Gets the actor's unique identifier.

ImageUri ImageUri ImageUri

Gets the actor's image URI. Applies to users, documents, and sites.

IsFollowed IsFollowed IsFollowed

Gets a Boolean value that returns true if the current user is following the actor; otherwise, false.

LibraryUri LibraryUri LibraryUri

Gets the actor's library URI. Applies to documents.

Name Name Name

Gets the actor's display name.

PersonalSiteUri PersonalSiteUri PersonalSiteUri

Gets the URI of the actor's personal site. Applies to users.

Status Status Status

Gets a code that indicates recoverable errors that occurred during the actor's retrieval.

StatusText StatusText StatusText

Gets the text of the actor's most recent post. Applies to users.

TagGuid TagGuid TagGuid

Gets the actor's tag GUID. Applies to tags.

Title Title Title

Gets the actor's title. Applies to users.

Uri Uri Uri

Gets the actor's canonical URI.

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