SPSocialPost SPSocialPost SPSocialPost Class


Represents a microblog post in a social feed.

public ref class SPSocialPost
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(Name="SocialPost", ServerTypeId="11386A5F-9543-44B8-8A96-1AA33D964F87", ValueObject=true)]
public class SPSocialPost
Public Class SPSocialPost


Attachment Attachment Attachment

Gets the attachment associated with the post.

Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the attributes that apply to the post.

AuthorIndex AuthorIndex AuthorIndex

Gets the index of the post's author within the parent thread's actors.

CreatedTime CreatedTime CreatedTime

Gets the creation time of the post.

Id Id Id

Gets the post's unique identifier.

LikerInfo LikerInfo LikerInfo

Gets an object that contains information about the likers of the post.

ModifiedTime ModifiedTime ModifiedTime

Gets the most recent modification time of the post.

Overlays Overlays Overlays

Gets an array of objects that associates Text substrings with URIs and other data.

PostType PostType PostType

Gets the post type.

PreferredImageUri PreferredImageUri PreferredImageUri

Gets the URI for the preferred image for the post.

Source Source Source

Gets the source of the post.

Text Text Text

Gets the post's plain text content.

Extension Methods

ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object) ToJson(Object)

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