SPSocialThreadAttributes SPSocialThreadAttributes SPSocialThreadAttributes SPSocialThreadAttributes Enum


Specifies attributes that apply to a thread.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class SPSocialThreadAttributes
[Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableType(Name="SocialThreadAttributes", ServerTypeId="D9BED612-F389-46C2-A8BF-73FD776DA9BB", ValueObject=true)]
public enum SPSocialThreadAttributes
type SPSocialThreadAttributes = 
Public Enum SPSocialThreadAttributes
Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientCallableTypeAttribute FlagsAttribute


CanLock CanLock CanLock CanLock 4

The current user can lock the thread.

CanReply CanReply CanReply CanReply 2

The current user can reply to the thread.

IsDigest IsDigest IsDigest IsDigest 1

The thread is a digest thread (a thread that contains the thread's root post and two most recent replies).

IsLocked IsLocked IsLocked IsLocked 8

The thread is locked.

None None None None 0

The thread has no attributes applied.

ReplyLimitReached ReplyLimitReached ReplyLimitReached ReplyLimitReached 16

The thread has reached the maximum reply count.

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