MemberGroup.GetEnumerator Method


Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the MemberGroup instance.

 virtual System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ GetEnumerator();
public System.Collections.IEnumerator GetEnumerator ();
abstract member GetEnumerator : unit -> System.Collections.IEnumerator
override this.GetEnumerator : unit -> System.Collections.IEnumerator
Public Function GetEnumerator () As IEnumerator



An IEnumerator interface used to iterate the MemberGroup object.



GetEnumerator is a method that implements the foreach statement (For Each in Microsoft Visual Basic). You do not need to call this method directly. This method implements the Microsoft .NET Framework IEnumerable.GetEnumerator method. See the .NET Framework SDK for documentation about the IEnumerable.GetEnumerator method.

For more information about types of membership groups, see Memberships Overview. For a code example about how to create a member group and add a member to the newly created group, see How to: Create Memberships.

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