KeyFilterCompositeField Class


This member is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public ref class KeyFilterCompositeField : Microsoft::SharePoint::WebControls::FieldMetadata
public class KeyFilterCompositeField : Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.FieldMetadata
type KeyFilterCompositeField = class
    inherit FieldMetadata
Public Class KeyFilterCompositeField
Inherits FieldMetadata



Initializes a new instance of the KeyFilterCompositeField class.


strShowSearchFormKey (Inherited from SPControl)


AlternateTemplate (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
AlternateTemplateName (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
ComponentRequiresPostback (Inherited from FieldMetadata)
ControlMode (Inherited from FormComponent)
Controls (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
ControlTemplate (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
CustomAlternateTemplate (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
CustomTemplate (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
DefaultAlternateTemplateName (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)

Gets the name of the control template that renders the field controls.

DisplaySize (Inherited from FieldMetadata)
EnableInputFieldLabels (Inherited from FormComponent)
Field (Inherited from FieldMetadata)
FieldName (Inherited from FieldMetadata)
Fields (Inherited from FormComponent)
InDesign (Inherited from SPControl)
IsClientRenderedForm (Inherited from FormComponent)
IsEditMode (Inherited from FormComponent)
Item (Inherited from FormComponent)
ItemContext (Inherited from FormComponent)
ItemId (Inherited from FormComponent)
ItemIdAsString (Inherited from FormComponent)
List (Inherited from FormComponent)
ListFormWP (Inherited from FormComponent)
ListId (Inherited from FormComponent)
ListItem (Inherited from FormComponent)
PageUri (Inherited from SPControl)
RecurrenceID (Inherited from FormComponent)
RedirectUrl (Inherited from FormComponent)
RegisterAs (Inherited from SPControl)
RenderContext (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
RibbonCommand (Inherited from FormComponent)
RibbonContextualGroupCommand (Inherited from FormComponent)
RibbonGroupCommand (Inherited from FormComponent)
RibbonTabCommand (Inherited from FormComponent)
Template (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
TemplateContainer (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
TemplateName (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
TemplateOverride (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)
Version (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this control is visible on the page.

Web (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)



Creates the child controls to render the Key Filter Composite Field on the page.

GetDesignTimeHtml() (Inherited from SPControl)
OnLoad(EventArgs) (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)

Raises the PreRender event.

Render(HtmlTextWriter) (Inherited from TemplateBasedControl)

Explicit Interface Implementations

IDesignerEventAccessor.OnDesignerLoad(EventArgs) (Inherited from SPControl)
IDesignerEventAccessor.OnDesignerPreRender(EventArgs) (Inherited from SPControl)

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