TimerJobRule TimerJobRule TimerJobRule Class


Defines a health rule that detects when a timer job is not running.

public ref class TimerJobRule : Microsoft::SharePoint::Administration::Health::SPHealthAnalysisRule
public class TimerJobRule : Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Health.SPHealthAnalysisRule
Public Class TimerJobRule
Inherits SPHealthAnalysisRule


TimerJobRule() TimerJobRule() TimerJobRule()

Initializes a new instance of a TimerJobRule object.


AutomaticExecutionParameters AutomaticExecutionParameters AutomaticExecutionParameters

Gets a value that specifies how often and where the rule is run automatically via the timer service.

Category Category Category

Gets the category for the health rule.

CustomCategory CustomCategory CustomCategory Inherited from SPHealthAnalysisRule
ErrorLevel ErrorLevel ErrorLevel

Gets the default severity of errors returned by the rule.

Explanation Explanation Explanation

Gets a more detailed description of the problem detected by the rule.

KnowledgeBaseArticleId KnowledgeBaseArticleId KnowledgeBaseArticleId

Gets a knowledge base article that contains additional information about the rule.

Remedy Remedy Remedy

Gets a set of manual steps an administrator can perform to repair the problem detected by the rule.

Summary Summary Summary

Gets a brief summary of the defined problem for which the rule is checking.

Version Version Version Inherited from SPHealthAnalysisRule


Check() Check() Check()

Detects if the timer job is not running but should be.

Extension Methods

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