WorkflowPreferenceVariables WorkflowPreferenceVariables WorkflowPreferenceVariables Class


Special variables that can be defined in a workflow to control the behaviour of PowerShell activities.

public static class WorkflowPreferenceVariables
type WorkflowPreferenceVariables = class
Public Class WorkflowPreferenceVariables


PSParentActivityId PSParentActivityId PSParentActivityId

The parent activity ID to be used for all progress records that are written in the enclosing scope

PSPersistPreference PSPersistPreference PSPersistPreference

Workflow variable that is used to determine if a PowerShell activity should persist when it's done. if true, then all PSActivities in that scope will not persist at the end of their execution.

PSRunInProcessPreference PSRunInProcessPreference PSRunInProcessPreference

Workflow variable that controls when activities are run in process. If true, all activities in the enclosing scope will be run in process

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