ExportPSSessionCommand.VersionOfScriptGenerator Property


Version of the script generator used (by this Export-PSSession cmdlet) to generate psm1 and psd1 files. Generated script checks this version to see if it needs to be regenerated. There are 2 situations where this is needed

  1. the script needs to be regenerated because a bug fix made previous versions incompatible with the rest of the system (i.e. with ObjectModelWrapper)
  2. ths script needs to be regenerated because a security vulnerability was found inside generated code (there is no way to service generated code, but we can service the dll that reports the version that the generated script checks against)
 static property Version ^ VersionOfScriptGenerator { Version ^ get(); };
public static Version VersionOfScriptGenerator { get; }
member this.VersionOfScriptGenerator : Version
Public Shared ReadOnly Property VersionOfScriptGenerator As Version

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