FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding Enum


Defines the values that can be supplied as the encoding parameter in the FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase class.

public enum class FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding
public enum class FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding
enum FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding
public enum FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding
type FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding = 
Public Enum FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding


Ascii 8

ASCII encoding.

BigEndianUnicode 4

Big Endian Unicode encoding.

BigEndianUTF32 11

Big Endian UTF32 encoding.

Byte 3

Byte encoding.

Default 9

Default encoding.

Oem 10

OEM encoding.

String 1

Unicode encoding.

Unicode 2

Unicode encoding.

Unknown 0

No encoding.

UTF32 7

UTF32 encoding.

UTF7 6

UTF7 encoding.

UTF8 5

UTF8 encoding.

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