FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters Class


Defines the dynamic parameters used by the get-content cmdlet.

public class FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
type FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters = class
    inherit FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
Public Class FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters
Inherits FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase


FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters() FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters() FileSystemContentReaderDynamicParameters()


AsByteStream AsByteStream AsByteStream Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
Delimiter Delimiter Delimiter

Gets or sets the delimiter to use when reading the file. Custom delimiters may not be used when the file is opened with a "Byte" encoding.

DelimiterSpecified DelimiterSpecified DelimiterSpecified

Gets the status of the delimiter parameter. Returns true if the delimiter was explicitly specified by the user, false otherwise.

Encoding Encoding Encoding Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
EncodingType EncodingType EncodingType Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
Raw Raw Raw

When the Raw switch is present, we don't do any breaks on newlines, and only emit one object to the pipeline: all of the content.

Stream Stream Stream Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
UsingByteEncoding UsingByteEncoding UsingByteEncoding Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase
Wait Wait Wait

Gets or sets the Wait flag. The wait flag determines if we want the read-content call to poll (and wait) for changes to the file, rather than exit after the content has been read.

WasStreamTypeSpecified WasStreamTypeSpecified WasStreamTypeSpecified Inherited from FileSystemContentDynamicParametersBase

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