NetworkAdapter NetworkAdapter NetworkAdapter NetworkAdapter NetworkAdapter Class


Provides information about a network adapter

public ref class NetworkAdapter
class NetworkAdapter
public class NetworkAdapter
type NetworkAdapter = class
Public Class NetworkAdapter


NetworkAdapter() NetworkAdapter() NetworkAdapter() NetworkAdapter() NetworkAdapter()


ConnectionID ConnectionID ConnectionID ConnectionID ConnectionID

Name of the network connection as it appears in the Network Connections Control Panel program

ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus

State of the network adapter connection to the network

Description Description Description Description Description

Description of the network adapter

DHCPEnabled DHCPEnabled DHCPEnabled DHCPEnabled DHCPEnabled

Indicates whether the DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to the computer system when establishing a network connection

DHCPServer DHCPServer DHCPServer DHCPServer DHCPServer

IP Address of the DHCP server

IPAddresses IPAddresses IPAddresses IPAddresses IPAddresses

Array of all of the IP addresses associated with the current network adapter.

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