ChartLegendItemAlignmentTypes Enum


Represents the possible alignmnet options for a legend item in a chart.

public enum class ChartLegendItemAlignmentTypes
public enum ChartLegendItemAlignmentTypes
type ChartLegendItemAlignmentTypes = 
Public Enum ChartLegendItemAlignmentTypes


Bottom 7

Represents the Bottom alignment type.

BottomLeft 8

Represents the BottomLeft alignment type.

BottomRight 6

Represents the BottomRight alignment type.

Center 0

Represents the Center alignment type.

Left 4

Represents the Left alignment type.

Right 5

Represents the Right alignment type.

Top 1

Represents the Top alignment type.

TopLeft 2

Represents the TopLeft alignment type.

TopRight 3

Represents the TopRight alignment type.

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