AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode Enum


Enumerates the possible causes of failure during authorization attempts.

public enum AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode
type AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode = 
Public Enum AuthorizationFailedException.FailureCode


ExpiredToken ExpiredToken ExpiredToken 5

Specifies that the token has expired.

Generic Generic Generic 0

Specifies that the error is generic.

InvalidAudience InvalidAudience InvalidAudience 4

Specifies that the audience is invalid.

InvalidClaim InvalidClaim InvalidClaim 6

Specifies that the claim is invalid.

InvalidIssuer InvalidIssuer InvalidIssuer 12

Specifies that the issuer is invalid.

InvalidLifetime InvalidLifetime InvalidLifetime 13

Specifies that the lifetime is invalid.

InvalidSignature InvalidSignature InvalidSignature 3

Specifies that the signature is invalid.

MalformedToken MalformedToken MalformedToken 2

Specifies that the token is malformed.

MissingAudience MissingAudience MissingAudience 7

Specifies that the audience is missing.

MissingExpiresOn MissingExpiresOn MissingExpiresOn 8

Specifies that the 'expires on' date is missing.

MissingIssuer MissingIssuer MissingIssuer 9

Specifies that the issuer is missing.

MissingSignature MissingSignature MissingSignature 10

Specifies that the signature is missing.

MissingToken MissingToken MissingToken 1

Specifies that the token is missing.

NotValidYet NotValidYet NotValidYet 11

Specifies that the token isn't valid yet.

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